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A lot of events…

The biggest date for most people in the Irish blogosphere in the coming weeks won’t be Mother’s Day. It will, of course, be the Irish Blog Awards held on March 1st in the Alexander Hotel in Dublin. Before that, under the umbrella of IWTC, will be the inaugural Ireland Geek Girl Dinner, organised by Martha […]

Irish Blog Awards 2007 Wrap-up

Firstly, and most importantly the photos are up here (even though I didn’t manage to get any of Tom dancing, and missed that as I had to leave early…). There’s even a photo of TwentyMajor in there, but I’m not saying which one! A great night was had by all, even if Grannymar didn’t win. […]

Vote Oldbones for Best Podcast(er)

It’s your last chance to vote in the Irish Blog Awards! Voting closes at 5pm today (Ireland time). I’ve been nominated in the Best Newcomer category, but more importantly – Grannymar (my Mum) has been nominated for Best Podcaster and also for Best Podcast for ‘The Favour’ on her blog ‘Oldbones’. So please head over […]

Jetlag, Blog Awards and Updates…

As I’ve said in a few other posts, I was attending meetings in the Phoenix area of Arizona last week. Although we were in solid meetings all day from 8am – 5pm (and sometimes later), I was still able to get out and about seeing old friends and shopping. I have a huge amount of […]

Nominations are now open for the 2007 Irish Blog Awards. The field is strong this year, and I doubt that I’ll get nominated for anything, but you never know. Twenty is bound to be a shoo in for a few awards again – how he keeps up his phenomenal content in such a prolific fashion […]

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