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Rich track, poor track…

Except thats no excuse, Istanbul Park in Turkey has more money than the Nurburgring, that’s for sure? So just what were they thinking when they sent the F1 drivers out on their ‘driver parade’ clinging onto stripper’s poles??? Credits to Sutton photography for the Istanbul photo, and to My Hubbie for the Nurburgring photos… Istanbul […]

Choking on Microsoft!

Don’t you just hate it when something “goes down the wrong way” in the office – especially in cubeland! The blinking MS Office training course I was taking was being so stoopid that I snorted while drinking (a lethal combination of events!) and spent the next 5 mins trying to cough and choke quietly – […]

Indy F1 GP 2005 – disastrous!

So Sunday played host to one of the wierdest Grands Prix of my generation. After 3 days of wrangling over the Michelin tyres that weren’t able to take the pace (and two nasty accidents for Toyota), only 6 cars lined up on the grid for the start of the race. The crowd was stunned and […]

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