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A lot of events…

The biggest date for most people in the Irish blogosphere in the coming weeks won’t be Mother’s Day. It will, of course, be the Irish Blog Awards held on March 1st in the Alexander Hotel in Dublin. Before that, under the umbrella of IWTC, will be the inaugural Ireland Geek Girl Dinner, organised by Martha […]

Would you lend me €17.64?

Post title mainly just to grab your attention… €17.64 = $25 (according to currency conversion today). I just made a loan of $25 to an entrepreneur named Patisepa Neli in Samoa. You’re probably thinking “OK, what?” So let me fill you in on the back story… George & I had a pair of tickets […]

The Women’s Mini Marathon 2005…

Where does the time fly to??? It seems like only yesterday that I went through the registration process for this blog, but here we are already 3 weeks later! Since then, what has happened? Well the biggest thing was my participation in the 2005 Flora Women’s Mini Marathon in Dublin. I went at this 10km […]

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