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Jackets and bookmarks

Rad book jacket + bookmark combos. I love Sherlock's pipe.


KharmaLives says FML

Today, on a 16 hour car ride my kids were being unusually rowdy. After finally losing my patience, pulling to the side of the road and spanking them both. I said, "no speaking for one hour." Exactly one hour later my daughter informed me I left my son ...

Back to blogging? Eh, maybe…

I try not to set resolutions, to be honest. January is a horrible time for agreeing to do something – the weather is awful, the days are short, it’s quite depressing – and way too easy to fall off the wagon. It’s hard to believe that I only posted a handful of times at the […]

The next time…

someone parks across 2 spaces out the back of my house, I’m printing this off with the word “warning” across the top and sticking it to their windscreen… Do you think that laminating it would be a step too far?? Updated: Now in PDF file format: park_nice_sign

Eh, no lads….

That isn’t what a helicopter looks like, those are some men dressed in green… From here.

Punishment lines…

The next time my wonderful, sexy, witty husband lends me his fast, sporty, gorgeous car, I WILL NOT leave one of the internal lights on, thereby draining the battery. The next time my wonderful, sexy, witty husband lends me his fast, sporty, gorgeous car, I WILL NOT leave one of the internal lights on, thereby […]

Been swamped at work the last few weeks, but in the current climate that’s nothing to sniff at! All these 12 hour days take their toll however, and even though I’m nearly fully recovered from my ergonomic injury (8 months of physio later), the last thing I want to do when I come home of […]

Irish Blogger “Cliques”

This subject, along with people thinking that the Irish Blog Awards are “fixed” has been done to death over the past week, and I’ve had my say on several blogs (on the ones I was able to comment on!). But I was writing a comment over on The Dossing Times this morning and wanted to […]

100 things

Robbed from K8 the GR8 – all the things I’ve done are BLUE, all those I want to do are in RED. 1. Started my own blog 2. Slept under the stars 3. I have played in a band 4. Visited Hawaii 5. Watched a meteor shower 6. Given more than I can afford to […]

Pic of the day

Not one I took myself, but love this bento based on a Penny Arcade character: From a brilliant bento gallery, courtesy of Wired and AnnaTheRed.

Snowman (or woman?)

I made a snow-me! Can you spot the resemblance? In fairness, it’s been a while since I was last able to build a snowman, in fact I don’t even remember it, so thank goodness for Grannymar and her endless stash of photos! Lesson Learned however, you shouldn’t wear black leather gloves while making snowmen! Trusty […]

Snow videos!

(Sorry for the bad language mammy!) 1. 2.

Winter getting you down?

Then watch this – all of it. I guarantee that you can’t get to the end while keeping a straight face!

Until 1 October 1916 time in all of Ireland was based on Dublin Mean Time which was GMT minus 25 minutes.

I’m a little late in posting this – Colin Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama on “Meet the Press”, 19th Oct 2008.

Make up yer mind lads!

Before: After: Michelangelo’s David

Update: First video is not showing in feed readers, please click through to the post to see it. Sorry. Before the last of the Presidential campaign debates, Barack Obama was in Ohio and was questioned by Joseph Wurzelbacher, since nicknamed “Joe the Plumber” by the US news channels. (It’s since been found out since that […]

Election 08 – McCain Humour

Break Break Break

Election 08 – Palin Humour

Break Break Break Break

Election 08 – Barack Humour

Break Break Break Break

We’ve all done it before: “I’m meeting this guy, not sure if I like him, give me a call at 8:30 and if I need out I’ll use you as an excuse, right?” Except what if your mate forgets to call? Then you need this website – getmooh.com – “Get me out of here!” Getmooh […]

So you’ve decided to be evil…

Go here. Put in your choices, click generate. Post your Evil Plan! Your objective is simple: World Domination. Your motive is a little bit more complex: Sadistic pleasure Stage One To begin your plan, you must first expose a pope. This will cause the world to swallow nervously, bewildered by your arrival. Who is this […]


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