This post talks a lot about Twitter – If you haven’t heard about the ‘latest internet phenomenon’ then click here to read a good definition.

For those who don’t like clicking links, Twitter is a new web service that is like mini-blogging – it allows you to post a short message of up to 140 characters to a webpage and then automatically sends this to people that have chosen to ‘follow’ your life. The updates can be sent via IM, web or to your mobile phone.

It’s interesting seeing excerpts from people’s lives, whether they are simply feeding the kids, saying that they are not feeling well or announcing good news in their lives. I haven’t yet seen anyone posting from the bathroom or announcing their illness (even if Robert Scoble did use it to announce his wife’s pregnancy!), but when big news breaks, it’s twittered very quickly!

In the same way as blogs, we have to ask the question, just how much of our lives should we share online? Do we really want to know when someone is breast-feeding the baby or going for a dump?

I’ve caught myself several times over the past few weeks about to ‘twitter’ something that I probably shouldn’t -mostly when angered by co-workers or enamoured with my fiancé…

Blogging takes longer and most people usually re-read their posts before hitting ‘publish’, but with twittering it’s much easier and faster… and like everything on the internet it’s all archived for posterity. I wonder how many people will twitter something ‘in anger’ and later regret it?


4 Comments on “Just how much are we prepared to share?”

  1. Steph says:

    I decided to start my own twitter blog to help me work through the problems in my life and to just ‘twitter’ nobody is following me as yet but that’s ok.. it’s like theropy without a theropist!
    Catch you later Elly! Love your twitter & your Ma’s oldbones blog! They are both on my favorites!

  2. ellybabes says:

    I’ve found you, so now you have a follower!! Good to hear from you Steph!

  3. lauranen says:

    As a breastfeeding mum I would actually be glad to hear of other people breastfeeding in Twitter, yet as a person with normal metabolism I still wouldn’t be interested in anyone announcing their visit to the toilet… :)

    I have to say I’ve enjoyed my new Twitter community immensely – including your tweets! I have a special interest on your wedding planning-related updates and the Barcamp stuff, even though I wasn’t able to make it yesterday.

  4. ellybabes says:

    lauranen – the applications for Twitter in that area are fantastic – imagine having a group of new mothers that you could ping with quick questions regarding child raising and get immediate answers – it’s already happening with people asking for directions, names of businesses, PC problems….

    Glad you enjoy my tweets, I need to remember to keep up with it more often and should blog about all the wedding stuff I’m doing too!

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