A new home

I’ve not been writing enough posts to justify using WordPress as my blog backend, but I still wanted a platform to share all those interesting tid-bits that I find around the intertubes… I tried several WP plugins, but they were a hassle – I could pull my shared items into my draft posts folder, but still had to access each one and change it drastically before publishing.

I’d seen that a lot of people have moved to Posterous and were using it as a midi-blog platform – somewhere in between Twitter and WP. I signed up on Friday and within about 6 hours of fiddling, I now have 2 new Posterous blogs:


Yummy Recipes

ellybabes will continue to be my “pop-culture” blog, for want of a better word, sharing the best of the items that I find around the web, with occasional wordy posts thrown in as the desire arises.

Yummy Recipes is a new venture for me. Quite simply, I read a lot of food blogs and want a way to archive the recipes I like but haven’t made yet. I was doing this simply through bookmarks in my browser, but I rarely go back and look at them or make any of the recipes. Using Posterous will allow me to clip out just what I want from the recipe page, and make it easier to search through and find recipes to tempt me when planning the shopping.

Please update your RSS feed reader and follow one or both of these instead:

ellybabes RSS

Yummy Recipes RSS

Don’t forget that I’m also a contributing writer to NotJunkFood.net, which is run by my husband!


2 Comments on “A new home”

  1. Rummuser says:

    For a moment there, I thought that you had moved to the Bahamas or something like that! I shall indeed be in attendance at all your blogs and perhaps leave an occasional comment too. Sadly, I am not very good at commenting on food blog posts. I feel very guilty.

  2. Roy says:

    Everyone’s moving around these days!

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