Michelangelo’s David


5 Comments on “If Michelangelo’s David spent some years in America”

  1. K8 says:



  2. ellybabes says:

    @K8 – lol!

  3. TheChrisD says:

    Where are the devout campaign flags? I thought anyone who spent enough time in America will eventually become so addicted to following candidates that they essentially becomes miniature versions of them?

  4. Quickroute says:

    and he’d have a loud voice and big camera and god bless america t-shirt

  5. stephanie says:

    WTF???? (0:
    When did they complete this statue of Todd??? evil evil evil
    never breathe a word…….

    obama wants to fine people for getting fat. maybe start with the fast food places on every damn corner with their amazing smells and cheap prices.

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