We’ve all done it before:

“I’m meeting this guy, not sure if I like him, give me a call at 8:30 and if I need out I’ll use you as an excuse, right?”

Except what if your mate forgets to call?

Then you need this website – getmooh.com – “Get me out of here!”

Get me out of here

Getmooh is an automated call back service. It is designed to help you escape a variety of situations by calling you automatically on your phone at a pre-specified time and playing you a recording which will either instruct you on what to say to elude your tormentor(s), or which will simply give a convincing sense of you being on an important call.

They should take this to the next level – allow users to record their own message and use it as needed – you could set a pre-record to tell your wife to get her ass out of the pub, or remind your hubbie that he should be leaving for home now.

Oh yeah, and it’s FREE!


6 Comments on “Ever wanted out of a sticky situation?”

  1. George says:

    Why does my WIFE need an ‘out’ from a bad date???


  2. Grannymar says:

    @George – just what I was thinking? :roll:

    Elly will it remind you to tidy your room? Why did we not have them years ago would have saved my voice so much!!!

  3. ellybabes says:

    You’ve set me off now – just think of the fun you could have with teenagers – calling to remind them they have 15 mins to curfew, to tidy their rooms!

  4. Ben says:

    im all over this post.

    bookmarked and printed and emailed

  5. ellybabes says:

    I thought you’d love it Ben! If you use it, I wanna hear all about it!

  6. Mike says:

    Great idea. I can see this being used!!


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