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Firstly and most importantly, the long awaited day is here! Moo.com have just announced their latest product – full size business cards! All the same rules apply, up to 50 different images per pack of 50 cards, customisable text on the back (which can be done in horizontal or vertical orientations) and best of all – they have a green option:

There’s 2 paper stocks to choose from:

  • * MOO ‘Classic’, is just like MiniCard stock or
  • * MOO ‘Green’ is 100% recycled, 100% recyclable and bio-degradable

They’ll cost £10.99/€15.09/$21.99 for 50 cards – and look at the dinky holder they come in! Sign for the moos-letter and get a 20% discount code when they go on sale soon.


The new house is finally beginning to come together, however progress is likely to slow now that we have our broadband installed and home media centre set up. Thanks to Magnet we’re getting 8MB Fibre to the Home – although check the difference in the results between me being directly connected to the net VS via my VPN! How cruel!


I’ve also begun to get my head around my new kitchen and wanted to try a new recipe. I found these Cheesy Bread Wedges courtesy of English Mum in Ireland and thought they would be perfect to sate my savoury/carb craving. Brill recipe, nice & simple – just be warned, you probably won’t need all of the milk/egg mix, about half was well enough to bring the dough together for me. I’d show you a pic, but they were all scoffed by the hubbie & myself!  Gorgeous served with caramelised red onion relish.


My little herb garden is doing well, the fennel has grown about a foot in the last three weeks! Sine I reckon I’ll end up with more herbs than I actually need, I’m planning on making some Herb Butter (recipe from Chew On That) and freezing it for the winter months – mmmmm, just the thought of it melting on a steak has me drooling!


Finally, CruchLudd last night was a blast! The setup was excellent, with mini-demo stations set up for each company, so that we could mingle around at our leisure and grill them about their products. Wireless was having issues, but who can remember the last tech event where that didn’t happen? Congrats to Anton on setting up another great event.

However, some of the people doing the demos could have been better, here’s a short list of some tips and tricks for the next time.

  • Have a poster or something to indicate who you are as I approach – having to peer into tiny laptop screens to try & find your logo is a PITA!
  • Welcome each person as they approach, even if it means briefly breaking off conversation with the previous person to have arrived – I floated away from at least 2 tables as they refused to acknowledge me standing there. Even a quick “I’ll be right with you” would have got me to stand around longer.
  • Practise, practise, practise – use cheat sheets if required. You have about 2-3 mins of my attention to explain all the major points of your product and keep my attention. Know exactly what you want to say and how to say it.
  • Following on from that – if you can’t explain your product in one sentence, then that’s a FAIL. Give me the concept, then the features and finish up with why it is good for me.
  • Have lots of business cards – if you can’t afford Moo cards, then jump over to Vista Print and get some cheap ones. Make them stand out and easy to read. Give me one as soon as you’ve said hello. With the sponsored bar, it might be the only way I’ll remember who you are the next day!

17 Comments on “Random bits…”

  1. Grannymar says:

    Gosh the plants have grown!

    So CruchLudd is like speed dating for business – three mins to sell your wares or ideas!

  2. George says:

    Where’d Basil go? was the rain yesterday the final straw? I know he was struggling but Rosemary will be heartbroken…


  3. English Mum says:

    Ooh, thanks for the linkage. Glad you liked the cheesey bread. Yes, you’re right – the amount of liquid you need seems to differ every time you do the recipe. Muchas gracias though xx

  4. ellybabes says:

    GM – Yup, TechLudd (as it’s normally called – CrunchLudd was a special mash-up as TechCrunch was in town) is mainly aimed at start-ups and networkers.

    George – Basil wasn’t feeling pretty enough for the photo! I need to get a new pot and move him inside, the Irish summer is just too much for him.

    English Mum – great recipe, was almost tempted to try the soup with it, but went with salad instead. Might make up some more cheesy bread tonight if hubbie wants some! George, are you hungry yet??

  5. George says:

    hehee, Basil can’t hack the Irish summer yet the oregano is flying :S

    As for the bread, I’m getting splashed as I type from all the drool in my keybord ;)

  6. ellybabes says:

    Basil’s just a lightweight!

    Cheese bread with caramelised onions and a smoked chicken salad on order for dinner tonight then! (And I even remembered to get you milk & mi-wadi – could I be a better wife??)

  7. TheChrisD says:

    Glad to see your enjoying Magnet. But what’s up with your upload in that test?


    And that’s with my computer on running several chat programs, whatever my mom is doing with her laptop on the wireless, and 2 TVs on.

  8. ellybabes says:

    Chris, not sure why it wasn’t fully synchronous earlier, showing as much better now: http://www.speedtest.net/result/289114046.png

  9. Lottie says:

    Full sized MOO cards? That’s not special. I like the little funky ones.

  10. Red Links 30/06/08 : Alexia Golez says:

    […] has some common-sense tips for people doing demos at CrunchLudd. These tips are sound advice if you’re ever demo-ing. […]

  11. pat phelan says:

    Great advice on Crunchludd, I would also suggest bring a buddy, coach someone and bring him along, one person is never enough for demo, one to talk one to demo

  12. ellybabes says:

    Great idea Pat!

  13. Marie says:

    Ellybabes, brilliant points. I felt like a bit of a berk standing there too, waiting to be noticed. I ended up half shouting: ‘What have you got there then?’ like an idiot. And name tags are essential. And Pat is right, more than one person needed per stand. These will all contribute to a better TechLudd next time around.

  14. elly parker says:

    @Marie – How could I have forgotten the name badges! It was nightmarish as people I had met only once before were all “Ohh, how are you, how’s the house?” and I was “Who are you???”

    Even the teeny tiny font on the previous name badges was better than that…

    How about for the next one we make up a fake product and show them how it should be presented??

  15. Grannymar says:

    This guinea pig might be busy!

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    […] were some brilliant people at the event and some great companies demoed. There has been some great feedback aimed at the demoing companies as well from the perspective of someone who wanted to find out about the products (scroll down a […]

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