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Sabrina gave a great session at CreativeCamp Kilkenny last weekend on how to blog like a boy – or in other words how to make your blog look great and be user-friendly.

Her slides are available here, with her talking points in the comments of each.

One of the points that she raised was about blogrolls – they need to be relevant and up-to-date. A while back I got sick of constantly updating mine manually, so I found a better way to do it.

*If you use Google Reader then you can use it to track your blogroll automatically*

I mentioned it at the session and Will chased me today for details, so I thought I’d lay it out in a post, step by step.

Firstly, you need to decide what blogs you want to display in your blogroll and then in Google Reader you need to place all of these in the same folder or tag them with the same tag. Next step is to go into the “Settings” for Google Reader and access the “Tags” tab.

On the “Tags” tab you will see an option to make each tag public/private. Make the one you want to share *public*.


A new option will appear to the right of that tag, allowing you to “add a blogroll to your site” – click this.


You will get a pop-up where you can choose the colour of your blogroll and then you can copy and paste the HTML code anywhere you fancy. If you are using WordPress and a widget ready theme, then simply add a new text widget and paste the HTML code into that!

The great thing about using this to manage your blogroll is that it will update automatically as you add/remove blogs from that folder in Google Reader, which is much quicker and easier than modifying your blogroll manually.


8 Comments on “Blogging like a boy”

  1. Roy (irish taxi) says:

    I’ve just started using WordPress it doesn’t like some of my html codes :-(

  2. elly parker says:

    It can take a while to play with the HTML and get it working, I had some of the same problems myself when I switched from Blogger.

  3. Sinéad says:

    This is a really great tip – thanks. I’m going to implement it immediately.

    Putting a link to my “shared items” public page is also something I’m going to be doing, I had been using Digg for a few weeks but feel that this sharing of links from within your RSS Reader is very seamless. Thank goodness for Google.

  4. ellybabes says:

    It looks good on your blog Sinéad!

  5. Sinéad says:

    Thanks. If Google Reader was a person I’d kiss it.

  6. Prototype of a Person » Blog Archive » Getting the most from Google Reader says:

    […] Thanks to Elly I learned how to display an accurate selection of my currently subscribed to blogs. This is usually reserved for the WordPress links feature and came under the Blogroll heading. The difference being, my blogroll was never 100% up to date – it’s an easy thing to forget between posting new articles and tweaking the occasional feature or blog design. Today if I want to add a blog to my Blogroll I simply drag and drop it into the folders that I’ve created in Google Reader and it immediately appears on my own blog. […]

  7. Aldy says:

    Thanks to Elly I have learned more from this posting how to subscribed in the better way. By the way I liked to to have link exchange with you if you don’t mind.

  8. kadals says:

    Thanks,,,I will try it,,,hope it work for me

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