Share your travel tips…

Seeing that Google Maps now allows open collaboration, I’ve started a European Travel Map that allows anyone to add to it.

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Feel free to add in any useful info you can think of:
Hotels to avoid, ones that are good
Memorable restaurants
The best pubs & clubs
Engaging museums or art exhibits

I would envisage that in the future, a collaborative knowledge map could be a great resource when planning a trip away – combining hotel reviews and restaurant recommendations with a visual reference to the city – making it easy to find out what fun things there are to do in the area you’re in.


10 Comments on “Share your travel tips…”

  1. Grannymar says:

    Are you setting up in oppoistion to Google? ;)

  2. Damien Mulley » Blog Archive » Fluffy Links - Friday November 30th 2007 says:

    […] to my site using a feedreader or email. Thanks for visiting – Damien.Elly is working on a nice interactive map of Europe for tourism and such. Have a […]

  3. Deborah says:

    Really cool idea Elly!

  4. K8 says:

    I’ve a funny feeling I’ll be wasting a lot of time on this today!
    Thanks, Elly :)

  5. Anton Mannering says:

    Have you had a look at Jan Blanchard has put together a little social network for this exact thing. It’s pretty nifty.

  6. ellybabes says:

    Hi Anton, I’ve been a beta member of touristr for a long time now. It’s a good idea they have there but each time I use it I get frustrated. I don’t like the fact that you had to click into ‘add your story’ for the other fields to come up. I love the simplicity of google maps and the fact that you can add different types of icons to symbolise what you are referring to (transport, eating out, hotels, etc). The user interface just seems to be more intuitive to me as well.

  7. Anton Mannering says:

    Cool fair point well made! That’s some good feedback. Have you told them? I’ll pass it on if you like.

  8. ellybabes says:

    I probably should have told them, but haven’t got around to it. Feel free to mention it if you are talking to Jan or Wannita.

  9. Anton Mannering says:

    I will I’m based in the same building as Jan. He loves feedback. I think they’re changing things a bit at the moment. I’m not sure what though. Ah sure it’ll all come out in the wash…

  10. Fastest Kid says:

    The simplicity of Google map is what make it so good.

    Google team keep thinking of new ways to make our lives easier and make them richer. Your idea is great, will users share the same view?

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