More learner driver news…

After the government’s partial U-turn on the changes to the learner driver rules, I was interested to see an article on today.

Apparently around 2,400 learner drivers were taken to court so far in 2007 for driving while unaccompanied, and around 4,400 for the same offence in 2006.

With all the bullshit excuses being thrown up by people last week who weren’t on their 2nd Provisional Licences (one guy on his 1st Provisional apparently was interviewed on RTE news and said that he drove unaccompanied every day), I’m delighted to see this proof of the Gardaí doing their job and making the roads safer for all of us. I hope that they keep up the good effort and continue to go after illegal unaccompanied drivers and those who do not display their ‘L’ plates when required to do so.

Another interesting point was made by my husband in a comment on the previous post:

One of my co-workers was telling me this morning they rang to follow up on their test application on friday. They were offered a test spot tomorrow, which was too soon, was then offered a test slot on friday which was still too soon. When they asked for a date further out they got a test slot at the end of november.

It’s not really relevant with the U-turn over the weekend but it does beg the question, how many of the people who complained about the waiting lists actually checked with the relevant authority?

Again, this just adds up to more proof that the ‘Irish state of mind’ is more about complaining than actually fixing the problem. Do a lot of these excuses seem quite familiar to those who went through the introduction of the smoking ban in Ireland a few years back? Or the introduction of the seatbelt laws for those who can remember that far back? I’ve never heard anyone complaining about either of those for a while now…


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