Elly sees the future…

I was at the inaugural PodCamp Ireland in Kilkenny on Saturday, which proved to be a really fun day.

As it was shortly after the honeymoon and I was still tired AND I don’t podcast, I was simply planning on turning up as the driver for my mother, Grannymar, I had no plans to talk or really participate. That was blown to shreds almost as I walked in the door, when Krishna spotted me and mum! We were asked to do a talk on mum’s experience podcasting, so we rehashed “Getting Granny Podcasting” the talk that I originally gave at BarCamp Cork just over a year ago (Original Video). The talk was well attended and we received good feedback at the end.

The last session of the day was a panel on the future of social networking and communities – what can be done to build communities and how did we see it changing in the next 5 years. As they were setting up the panel, Krishna grabbed me again and asked me to sit in. I’ve watched panels at several of these type of events, and considering I can usually pontificate on most subject matters, I jumped at the chance to be on this one, instead of sitting in the back and heckling as I normally do! If you fancy watching the video of the panel session, here it is (beware – it runs to 88mins in length!):

As my prediction for the next 5 years, I suggested the following:

Currently we build blog communities by people commenting on posts that others have written and seeing the responses. Often the only way to both comment and see responses is to visit the site/post in question. I stated that in the next 5 years we would see new platforms or growth of existing ones, allowing us to combine reading RSS feeds, commenting and seeing responses to comments within the one site/platform. Imagine being able to click a ‘reply’ button in Google Reader, type in your comment and have it auto-published to the blog post in question, without having to type in your identifying details each time or deal with annoying captchas.

It was interesting to see a twitter from Paul Campbell this morning that linked to an article on TechCrunch about Fav.or.it, a product that seems to do exactly what I was talking about!

It looks like I can tell the future after all!


2 Comments on “Elly sees the future…”

  1. MikeTheBee says:

    We had a great weekend in Kilkenny. Meeting you and Grannymar was one of the highlights. We watched your session on ustream, as I was the Hiberian in real time, and want to say how well you both came over. I’m sure you will be in demand at future podcamps. Well Done!

  2. ellybabes says:

    Hey Mike, thanks for dropping by. It was great to meet you and Lou as well, the conversation over dinner was a lot of fun. Hope to see you at the next one!

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