Technology – Grrrrrr!

I’m having one of those crappy weeks when everything around me seems to break and suck all the energy and life out of me while I get it repaired.

  1. Our HTPC is broken, so we’ve had no recorded TV for weeks now, I have to plan to be in the house when shows are on.
  2. My new Nokia 770 will not display any websites that use Flash or Javascript, rendering half of the web unusable to me.
  3. I’ve also managed to crash my 770 four times so far since receiving it yesterday. The built in RSS reader sucks and when I went to delete the 100+ feeds I had imported into it, then the program crashed repeatedly until it crashed the whole unit. Wouldn’t turn back on until I stuck the charging cable back in.
  4. In Twitter, I can see the options to follow people, but I can’t turn the notifications on / off per person – I can see the radio buttons, but when i click them my choices aren’t saved.
  5. Mum’s feeds are not displaying her podcasts as enclosures via feedburner, even through I turned on the settings in feedburner and it said that they would.
  6. The hubbie and I are both having huge problems with WordPress, to the extent that we’re thinking of moving away to Moveable Type. A simple edit of the categories on a post containing a video embed while using the Visual Editor screwed the entire front page of my blog. And for some unknown reason, any posts from last year have had their YouTube embed code removed from them. I’ve no idea how this could happen, everything else imported OK, so where did the code go?

I’m thinking that tonight will need to be a night without technology and with a bottle of wine. I just can’t hack these problems sapping any more of my energy. Earlier in the week I threatened to close my blog and simply stop posting, and once again I find myself swinging back towards that option…


11 Comments on “Technology – Grrrrrr!”

  1. Grandad says:

    Isn’t the HTPC [whatever that is] the one that Himself built? Blame him. :)

    As for the rest? Websites on phones? RSS feeds? Twitter? Are these worth getting in a tizzy over?

    My advice – go buy yourself a 386 PC with a 40Mb hard drive. Install Windows 3.1. Life is much simpler.

    Or read a book?

  2. Deborah says:

    Don’t you be going anywhere! Meant to comment on yesterdays post. Really good pos, great summary and very insightful!!!

  3. Grannymar says:

    How did people live or even EXIST without all this Technology?

    Sure I always say modern technology is wonderful WHEN it works.

    Go cut some grass or find a bottle bank and smash a few empties.

    lul – love u loads

  4. Granny says:

    Dear Elly,
    You young couples don’t know when you’re well off. Grandad and I didn’t even have a wireless when we set out. The electrical was cut off regularly but we made our own fun.

    Maybe a visit to Ann Summers might help?


  5. Primal Sneeze says:

    6. A stripper? Now before Grandad and Grannymar get all excited, I mean a HTML stripper. Do you have a plug in that strips malicious HTML/Javascript from comments? It might be interfering with Cats/Posts too. It often happens that when plug ins don’t match the version of the engine exactly, they do crazy things.

    Just a thought. Oh, thanks very many for the link. I’ll right back at ya presently.

  6. ellybabes says:

    Grandad, I still make time to read, in fact I’ve blazed through 7.5 books in the last month on top of everything else. The 0.5 is the one I need to finish off tonight – 100 pages, so should take an hour and an half…

    OK Deborah, I’ll stay put for the meantime… I keep getting like this and then sleeping on it and feeling a little better (usually until I try to post again!)

    Grannymar, cleaned the house, it feels just as good as the bottle bank – but I have that one saved up for today for when I go shopping!

    Dear Granny – Ann Summers has had enough of my money at this point, don’t worry, I’m sure G & I can find something to amuse ourselves…

    Primal – not sure if that would help, but will check out some of the plugins. It doesn’t seem to be related to the comments, we both have a weird issue that when we use the Visual Editor it screws up the code in the posts, adding extra shit where there should be none. Both blogs have ended up entirely centered for no reason with sidebars that plunge to the bottom of the page…

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  8. Niall says:


    Greetings from your N770 ;)


  9. ellybabes says:

    Hey Niall – how’s my 770 liking Carlow?

  10. NIall says:


    Don’t know, it might be meeting the Barrow soon enough though ;)


  11. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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