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Wedding photo!

As the bride sneaks in a quick fag… Photo credit: Triona Ryall (Bridesmaid)

My vow…

Five years ago I was at a dark place in my life. Mum was ill and I had just quit both my job and my friends in Scotland and moved back home. Then you came into my life like a ray of sun, and I’ve bathed in the brightness of your love ever since. You […]

Seems appropriate…

… since the wedding’s on Saturday!

Damien’s lost luggage story takes another wrong turn…

Damien had a bit of a saga with his luggage the last time he traveled out of the country, it was lost in transit and took several days to get back to him. In the end it was returned by Aer Lingus, even though he hadn’t traveled with them! Sky Handling Partners were awful to […]

Maybelline Superstay Lipcolor Stays in place for 16 hours On my regular trips to the US, I’m always asked to pick up tons of Maybelline cosmetics for friends of mine as it’s much cheaper than in Ireland. A couple of trips ago, I picked up a tube of Maybelline Superstay Lipcolor for a friend. When […]

The perfect wedding?

I’ve had various drafts of this post floating around my head for a while, but I was pushed into action this week by a post by Flirtysomething (which has since been removed) – she linked to an article in the Sindo and asked if it was similar to one of her blog posts. Well, yes, […]

From an article on the BBC website today: There are calls for the European Union to ban the making of cars that can go at more than 101mph (162km/h). The proposal comes in a report to the European Parliament on EU plans for a law to curb CO2 emissions from cars. MEPs will vote on […]

Nothing to be said – just watch!

YouTubing your home town…

Via Scoble’s link blog today came a post from think:lab about YouTubing your home town or high school. So I dutifully headed over to YouTube and searched on ‘Ballyclare’ the name of my home town. In case you’ve ever wondered why I’m such a f****d up kid, the following two videos will explain a lot…. […]

K8’s Meme

The wonderful K8 the GR8 over at sent me this meme over a month ago now, but I’ve been so busy that I’ve let it slip until now… Sorry K8! 1. What period of history would you most like to have lived in and why? It’s a hard choice, maybe the sixties for the […]

Travel Notes…

Spotted over on Bill’s Blog, a neat and easy way to display the countries and US states that you’ve been to during your life. I’m hoping to bring my total up this year with a planned trip to Vietnam (yes, eagle-eyed readers will spot that I was supposed to be there a few weeks ago, […]

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