Brilliant Video!

Gotta love YouTube! – but how come I can’t embed any videos into by blog posts in wordpress – what am I doing wrong?

Update – Thanks Josh for the comments on how to fix the embed issue!


4 Comments on “Jay Leno – Dealing with the Public…”

  1. Josh Bancroft says:

    You have to turn off “Use the Visual Editor” in your profile before you paste in the YouTube embed code. If you use the rich visual editor, even in “code/HTML” mode, it modifies the embed code when you save it, and it breaks.

    Let me know if that doesn’t work! :-)

  2. Josh Bancroft says:

    That’s in your WordPress profile, BTW. :-)

  3. ellybabes says:

    Nice one Josh, worked perfectly! Shame you can’t turn it on and off at a post level like you can in Blogger…

  4. Phil says:

    WOW! thats for that – a nice laugh before bed is always good.

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