Our Xbox 360 is officially dead…

Typically, it died after 13 months, seems to be a recurring issue.  And of course, this meant that it died about 3 days after the hubbie had just renewed his €60 a year Gold membership!

When I got a reminder today about my membership (took me a little longer to get going on the online stuff), I decided that I better cancel, no point in them taking €60 when I’m not sure if we can get it fixed or afford to replace it.  So I went online and logged into my MS Passport and spent 20 mins navigating around, following bad links and being told to ring US support – no thanks!!

In the end I turned to the open support forums, when finally after another 10 mins to locate a link someone had posted to the Irish support number.  Why on earth do MS make it so impossible to find info on their sites?

So in case anyone else needs this:

Microsoft Ireland Xbox Support Contact Details


14 Comments on “Why is it so hard to cancel Xbox Live membership?”

  1. Foxx says:

    they are crap, after this blame move, i will sell my x360 and buy ps3… canceling live must be a simple move, like buying live…


  2. Dave says:

    They make it difficult because they want to discourage you from canceling. It’s a slimy tactic, but evidently Microsoft will stop at nothing to suck some more cash out of its customers. The fact that they automatically renew your subscription, and only notify you by email, is bad enough. Their tactic of making it difficult to cancel borders on illegal. It took me 50 minutes on hold to get my Xbox Live subscription canceled. That’s harrassment.

  3. Richie says:

    Disgraceful – 55 minutes on hold just to cancel my subscription, what a con!!!!!!!

  4. Will says:

    I’m having the same problems cancelling my account, I couldn’t understand anything the guy I was talking to. After 10 minutes, he gave me a ten digit number to cancel live, that I should call two days before the auto-renoval of live. God, I hate M$.

  5. Nick says:

    Just got off the phone with them.. GOOD TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 hours 5 refernce numbers later. Its done! Heres a tip to deal with them NOT to get the run around, before you give them your name ask them the procedures to cancel an account. IF you hear that you need to get transfered hang up and try the next Middle Easterner. In the end it took the guy 3 minutes!!! the phone # is 1-800-469-9269

  6. Elite Mayhem95 says:

    so what is the number and what do they say like questions and what ifromation do i need plz i need 2 no?

  7. Peanut says:

    What a scam, there should be a way to cancel online, I hate dealing with idiots on the phone. lmao, call this number two days before my account auto renews? what the f*** am I supposed to do if I don’t know when it auto renews?

  8. AngryMoFo says:

    Total scam from such a large company. To be expected though, this is the company that ripped off netscape and cause a monopoly.

    I don’t own a console, so I choose the month to month option. But like everyone else, it’s is sooo hard to cancel it.

    I’d be happy to keep buying extra months, when I’m hanging out at my friends and I need a gold account to play games with but this takes the piss.

    So As soon as it’s canceled then that’s it, no more xbox live. I’m just going to play as a guest. Microsoft as just plain arrogant, and when the rest of their fans realise the cancel membership trap then I’m sure they won’t be re-activating their accounts neither. Unless they’re really stupid.

    ~I’m definately not reactivating ever, I’m not going through the entire process again.

    Hats off to the PS3 users, or people going out to buy theirs. The console may be pricy. But PSN is free, not a single penny. And you can get all your friends to sign up too, so they have gamer handles.

  9. Ihate Microsoft says:

    I tried twice to cancel it..they told me they had no record of the account! I gave them everything including the account number of the statement showing the charge..still no record of my account. I called American Express and they told me they have LOTS of problems with Microsoft and would take care of it . Microsoft..you people and your loser Indian Support idiots are complete losers..I WILL NEVER EVER EVER SIGN UP FOR ANYTHING WITH U PEOPLE AGAin..Life lesson learned

  10. crap says:

    I really, really want to cancel xbox live. I am tired of it saying, Xbox live Silver. Please tell me what information they ask you when u called them.

  11. ellybabes says:

    if your console is saying xbox live silver, then you have nothing to cancel, you don’t pay for that, it’s the default state for everyone. Gold is the one you pay for.

  12. crap says:

    I mean like, is there anyway I can get out from silver? Like go back to the regular dashboard, without it saying, ….. signed in to Xbox Live?

  13. ellybabes says:

    No, there’s no way to get out of getting signed in to Xbox Live, that’s the default state.

  14. crap says:

    oh, ok. thanks anyways.

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