Best Hotel Booking Sites?

The Hubbie and I are trying to book our honeymoon at the moment, a three week tour around Europe in September. We’re planning to take in 2 Grand Prix races, firstly in Monza, Italy and then the following weekend in Spa, Belgium. We also have tickets for the Nurburgring Ring Taxi, which should be a ball.
We’d also like to spend some time in Amsterdam, Rome and somewhere in France. We’re planning on driving over via Wales and England, because I want to see Stonehenge and we’ve both wanted to travel on the Channel Tunnel for years now.

Can people suggest any good sites for booking hotels? We’re trying to keep the cost down as our first rough estimate was between €10-15k, which is a little steep for our tastes (even though it is the holiday of a lifetime!).

I have the following sites bookmarked already, but I’d appreciate people giving me any other sites that they have used previously!







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  1. aphrodite says:

    travelocity and expedia are both good – and they give reviews from others who have stayed in the hotels. Reviews to be taken with a pinch of salt I think, as people tend to be more motivated to review if they didn’t like somewhere!
    Going directly to the hotel website is often the best bet as I’ve found they will undercut the best web rate and do special offers.
    Laterooms and lastminute are sites I’ve also booked holidays through
    Happy travels – sounds like a fab fab trip!

  2. Joe says:

    I use all the time and its pretty good. I cross reference with for reviews.

  3. ellybabes says:

    Thanks guys, will check those suggestions out, have a bunch of hotels in multiple cities to research, it’s taking ages!!!

  4. Mick says:

    Yeah, erm… BookAssist Ireland Hotels> mostly only Ireland, Spain and South America But I never had any complaints with the booking facility

  5. Deborah says: is good but you have to fake them out with your credit card address. Pick a US state city and zipcode, but keep your phone number and street address the same and it usually works. If you use Expedia or one of the other services to check out the averages, on priceline you can actually name your price. Put in where in the city you want to be located, what star rating you want and how much you are willing to pay and they will try and find something. I use it anytime I’m staying in Dublin or London and usually get nice places for less than 80 euro! Good luck!

  6. David Rooney says:

    Three of the sites you listed are supplied by GTAHotels, if I was you go to GTA and cut out the 4th Party sites.

    For hotels in Dublin, I would recommend they where one of the first hotel booking sites in Ireland.

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