My xmas tree is up already…

I know, sad I am! But I have a reason at least, while it’s decorated and functioning, it was only so that we could take some photos of it!

I decided this year that the christmas cards that we send should be Moo Cards, which I will make into fridge magnets before I send them. The little cards are so cute, but I figured that I should give people a way to display them, as they are a little too small to sit alongside the regular cards.

I struggled in getting small envelopes to put them in for sending, I resorted in the end to buying some small cheap prefabricated xmas cards, and will use the envelopes from them. The image below shows some of the cards I’ve ordered, some images from ourselves, others from Flickr – hopefully by next year we will have enough images of our own to use!

I was also reading this week (on someone’s blog, but I’ve forgotten who – sorry!) about a list compiled by BBC website users back in 2004 of “50 things to eat before you die“. I did better that I thought I would on having tried things on the list, but I still have a few to go – marked in orange below. It seems a trip to Australia is required for some of them, but there are a few more that I can mark off by keeping an eye out in my local supermarket – and I’ve been meaning to order scallops at some point!

I’ll be back in Arizona in February, I should use that as an excuse to try a proper diner breakfast – I’m sure that my fellow gastronome Todd will be able to suggest somewhere good. The last time I was there he asked me what kind of food I wanted one night – “I’m in America”, I replied, “Take me out for meat and lots of it!”. So he took me to Fogo e Brasa, one of Phoenix’s best kept secrets… an all you can eat meat fest! They carve the meat table-side and it’s all cooked on skewers with tons of fat and tons of flavour – he had to roll me out of there that night!

As for caviar, well I’m just going to have to try and persuade George to buy me some… wonder what my chances are? Possibly better now that a lot of supermarkets have started stocking Russian and Polish food!

I had to look a couple of the dishes up, Durian fruit and Jerk Chicken were new to me, but I’ll try and find an opportunity to try them at some point!

I’d also add a few favourites to the list above, snails (tried) and frog’s legs (not yet tried) are definites, along with foie gras – there’s nothing quite like it in this world! Another couple of Scottish items that I might add are deep fried pizza (used to be a big weakness of mine) and Roll and Sausage – bought from a roadside van early in the morning – a slice of square sausage cooked until crunchy on the outside, served on a buttered crusty roll with tomato ketchup… mmmm, no better way to start the day!


One Comment on “My xmas tree is up already…”

  1. Red Mum says:

    yup, you are sad, christmas tree up already!!!! BAH humbug!

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