Fashion Faux Pas…

Socks with Crocs? Whatever was he thinking?

I know that Josh Bancroft calls himself a technical evangelist, but that’s no excuse for him to consider dressing like a minister on holiday….

[UPDATE: photos above do not depict Josh Bancroft!]

Josh, check out the Crocs site – all the photos there show the crocs without socks – are they trying to tell you something??

And in any case, even if your feet are as ugly as you say, those crocs are going to cover them up in a pretty nice way! ;-)


2 Comments on “Fashion Faux Pas…”

  1. Josh Bancroft says:

    Yeah, but right there on the Crocs site, they’ll sell you some Crocs Socks:

    They’re sending mixed messages! :-)

    Also, I never wear shorts. Does throwing pants in the equation make a difference? I’m on the West Coast (Portland, OR), where socks-with-sandals is acceptable. Would I look funny in pants with no socks and my Crocs? :-)

  2. ellybabes says:

    Yeah, but were you planning on purchasing crocs socks, or just wearing the first pair you pulled out of your drawer?

    I guess in Portland you could get away with a lot of fashion statements that might be classified as faux pas elsewhere :-) and pants do hide a multitude of sins….

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