Weekend musings…

That was a good weekend, even if it did pass too quickly!

We got all the household stuff out of the way in the morning as George had his assessment at the gym on Sat afternoon – his workouts are going really well, as are mine and we’re both building up more endurance and stamina – I just hope that we start to see some more obvious results soon.

We’ve also started tracking our daily calorie intakes on spreadsheets designed by Jeremy Zawodny, which uses some cool 5-day averages and monitors our weight, so it should be useful to help us keep tracking our progress! We’re pulling the calorie info from CalorieKing and so far it’s encouraging, we’re both tracking under 2000 calories per day, and are buring about 300 or more of those off with each trip to the gym (every other day at this point). I’m fairly sure that we’re just creating muscle at this point, so hopefully our weights (and circumferences) will start falling now in month 2!!

On Sunday we headed down to Laois for our first full dinner with Avril & Robert since they moved into their new house – it’s really shaping up and it’s gorgeous! We sat down to a great roast pork, with oodles of lovely crackling – I was practically fighting with the kids over it.

Dinner finished with “Eton Mess” – I’ve never had it before but it was a gorgeous, easy to make dessert – some recipes below:

Eton Mess – strawberry, no yoghurt
Eton Mess – raspberry, no cream
Eton Mess – like Avril’s, except she uses Dark Rum instead


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  1. gmusxvg says:

    So you never read ‘Mother’s recipes’?
    Check out: Desserts-
    Iced Meringue Cake with Raspberry Coulis.


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