Holidays Part two…

Third day of the holidays and my first blog from George’s PDA phone. It’s wierd typing on these teeny keys, feels almost like texting instead of typing…

Today was a great day, we woke up late and started planning our week off. tomorrow we are going to look at an apartment in the morning and then off to Jonnie Foxes Pub for lunch and off to Glendalough for a walk afterwards.

Wednesday we will go up to see my Mum in Ballyclare and stay there until Friday. Thursday I plan to take G up to the Giant’s Causeway, Dunluce Castle and the Bushmills Whiskey Distillery. He’s never been around the North Coast before so it will all be new to him.

I’m really relaxed compared to the last couple of months, just the thought of not having to head in to work for the next few days feels so good. And speaking of work, i finally got news on the new job. It’s been offered to me and now we simply need to talk about the package.

In other news, G is still off the ciggies and is doing well. We hope to run down to see his parents this weekend.


One Comment on “Holidays Part two…”

  1. berbchews says:

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