A small digression

from the story of my holiday, anyway…

I was ranting at G today about Mary Harney and he was sick of hearing me go on so he told me to “Blog It”, which now seems to be the house standard response to a rant you don’t want to hear!

We were talking about the smoking ban over here and in the UK, and how they are talking of taking it further. I think that the Irish smokers have been mostly excellent in adapting to the ban – and the pubs that have accommodated them are doing well because of that.

IMHO, if they try to ban cigarettes outright, i will be up in arms about it, unless they ban alcohol outright as well. Alcohol related admissions account for 40% of all hospital emergency admissions and use up way more government resources, so why is the Irish government not trying to do something about that as well? Apparently it’s an offence in this country to serve alcohol to an intoxicated person, but when was the last time you heard of a publican being convicted of that charge. If you go to nearly any city center pub you will see people falling over drunk, someone must have served them enough alcohol to let them get like that…

Anyway I started yammering about Mary Harney, so I should really get to the point! Mary is the government minister for health in this country and she is massively overweight. I’m not kidding here, the woman’s health is at risk, she is so fat. Exactly what kind of message is the government sending to their populace here? Surely with the image consultants that the government uses they could get someone to talk to her and get her on a diet?

I mention this ‘cos my friend Triona is doing WeightWatchers at the moment and she’s doing really well, with over a stone lost to date and she’s looking fantastic. Another friend of ours has also lost three stone this way and the message that they all send is that it is possible. So come on Mary, get thee to your local meeting and lose some of that blubber – set a better example to your country!


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  1. Triona says:

    Oooooh I’m famous !

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