Time passes, stuff happens, I am lazy, but so what!

So what has happened in the last couple of months? After the frenchies left, we had a mad dash down to Sligo for my cousin Aoife’s wedding to Damien. Great fun was had by all, I have to say that when the Molonys and the Ellards get together they will drink anywhere dry and dance as long as the music is going! G & I seem to be getting old though, as we left pretty early, but we were glad of it the next day. G also managed to run into a few of his old mates there from the music biz in Dublin so had a good old catch up with them.

After the wedding, my American cousins Brian & Claire came and stayed with us for a night. It’s going to be Claire’s last transatlantic trip for a while as we discovered – she’s going to have a babby in January 06! It was great to see the guys again and to catch up on what all the family is doing.

Work has been as hectic as ever, but hopefully it’s all working towards something good for me! The team in the US that I work with has finally got funding for a new headcount for the EMEA region – and I have applied! The interviews went really well and I should hear if I’ve got it in the near future. It will be a permanent pensionable job and should help to direct my career in the direction that I want it to go – soon i will be running the world!!! *evil laugh*


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