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Busy, Busy, Busy…

It’s been another week since I last posted, this is not going as well as I thought! Things have just really ramped up in the last week and I don’t think that it’s going to get much better throughout July. Quite a few things on over the next weeks, including the visit of Anne and […]

Indy F1 GP 2005 – disastrous!

So Sunday played host to one of the wierdest Grands Prix of my generation. After 3 days of wrangling over the Michelin tyres that weren’t able to take the pace (and two nasty accidents for Toyota), only 6 cars lined up on the grid for the start of the race. The crowd was stunned and […]

Birthday Pressie Fun…

So on Saturday I finally got my birthday pressie. This year there really wasn’t anything “physical” that I wanted, so I asked the hubbie to be for a pampering instead! Saturday was my beauty day, complete with manicure, pedicure, back massage, eyebrow tinting and lots more… and some more photos below to show it off […]

The Women’s Mini Marathon 2005…

Where does the time fly to??? It seems like only yesterday that I went through the registration process for this blog, but here we are already 3 weeks later! Since then, what has happened? Well the biggest thing was my participation in the 2005 Flora Women’s Mini Marathon in Dublin. I went at this 10km […]

The first post….

My first blog, my first post…. It’s a little bit exciting and also a little bit nerve-wracking! I really only want this space to use as an online diary, somewhere to vent out my feelings (other than at my fiancé), maybe on a daily basis, maybe once a year if i get lazy! As usual, […]

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