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Holidays Part 5… The Final Installment

This one will be last post on the holidays, I promise… So after our good fun at the Giant’s Causeway, we headed back to the Bushmills Whiskey Distillery for a tour. I’ve been there quite a few times at this point, so i could practically give the tour at this point! American Bourbon once distilled […]

Holidays Part 4….

So on Thurs we were up bright and early and as predicted, the weather was fantastic. We headed off with a list of things to try and see on the North Coast (everyone knows how i love my planned agendas!) but it can be tough to fit everything into one day. We detoured immediately on […]

Holidays Part 3…

So I’ve been lazy and neglected my blogging during the holidays, but G & I have had a really good time on our week off, it’s hard to think that the alarm will be sounding at 6:30 in the morning and that I’ll be back at work tomorrow! We went and looked at an apartment […]

A small digression

from the story of my holiday, anyway… I was ranting at G today about Mary Harney and he was sick of hearing me go on so he told me to “Blog It”, which now seems to be the house standard response to a rant you don’t want to hear! We were talking about the smoking […]

Holidays Part two…

Third day of the holidays and my first blog from George’s PDA phone. It’s wierd typing on these teeny keys, feels almost like texting instead of typing… Today was a great day, we woke up late and started planning our week off. tomorrow we are going to look at an apartment in the morning and […]

Holidays are here at last….

Yup, it’s finally time for that summer holiday that my body and brain have been screaming for during the past few months! G and I both have a week off work and boy do we need it. So today is the first day and I started by going for a nice massage to get me […]

George is gonna quit smoking…

The title of that should really be “George has given up smoking“! To try and keep his mind off the cravings I suggested to him that he should try a blog whenever he felt the need. He did and he’s turned into a more prolific blogger than me!! Have a read and give him some […]


Time passes, stuff happens, I am lazy, but so what! So what has happened in the last couple of months? After the frenchies left, we had a mad dash down to Sligo for my cousin Aoife’s wedding to Damien. Great fun was had by all, I have to say that when the Molonys and the […]

The Frenchies….

Anne and Thibaud were over with us for nearly two weeks at the start of July recently. I have to say that I was worried about having house guests for that long, but they proved to be excellent. They helped to keep the place tidy and did the dishes every morning. Anne helped with the […]

A new hair-do!

So I got the hair done the other week, 5 inches chopped off the back and a full head meche of colour. I went to my local salon, but they’ve been running model days on Wednesday afternoons, so it was half-price!! Getting my hair done properly costs around €140 these days, so i was glad […]

Rumor had it she was a whore from Pahrump…

Rumor had it she was a whore from Pahrump. But it didn’t matter to those who knew her: Everyone agreed Priscilla was the most beautiful. On June 24, 1957, the U.S. military touched off a 37-kiloton nuclear device over Frenchman Flat, a dry lake bed about 75 miles northwest of Las Vegas. The atmospheric test, […]

Busy, Busy, Busy…

It’s been another week since I last posted, this is not going as well as I thought! Things have just really ramped up in the last week and I don’t think that it’s going to get much better throughout July. Quite a few things on over the next weeks, including the visit of Anne and […]

Indy F1 GP 2005 – disastrous!

So Sunday played host to one of the wierdest Grands Prix of my generation. After 3 days of wrangling over the Michelin tyres that weren’t able to take the pace (and two nasty accidents for Toyota), only 6 cars lined up on the grid for the start of the race. The crowd was stunned and […]

Birthday Pressie Fun…

So on Saturday I finally got my birthday pressie. This year there really wasn’t anything “physical” that I wanted, so I asked the hubbie to be for a pampering instead! Saturday was my beauty day, complete with manicure, pedicure, back massage, eyebrow tinting and lots more… and some more photos below to show it off […]

The Women’s Mini Marathon 2005…

Where does the time fly to??? It seems like only yesterday that I went through the registration process for this blog, but here we are already 3 weeks later! Since then, what has happened? Well the biggest thing was my participation in the 2005 Flora Women’s Mini Marathon in Dublin. I went at this 10km […]

The first post….

My first blog, my first post…. It’s a little bit exciting and also a little bit nerve-wracking! I really only want this space to use as an online diary, somewhere to vent out my feelings (other than at my fiancé), maybe on a daily basis, maybe once a year if i get lazy! As usual, […]

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